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May 24, 2022

2019 Jerusalem

In the middle of last year we felt called to go to Israel, in particular Jerusalem. Our journey in Jerusalem included visits to local churches and intercession at a 24hr prayer tower. One of the events there we were privileged to be part of, was prophesy and prayer with an Arab-Christian who works with young people locally. We also did a lot of prayer walking at significant places. This was a time of reflection and of being sensitive to the direction of God. 

2017 Japan

We first heard from God about this visit in 2006 and held it within our hearts until the time was right in 2017! We strongly felt God was saying to go to Japan in the season of the blossoms. We just happened to arrive as full bloom arrived, the locals were expecting it a week before, but God's timing is perfect! He is saying that revival will come to Japan in the same way, sweeping across the land in the same way the blossom does, in His perfect timing. A new beginning!
We interceded for this nation in various strategic points given by God and He gave us unexpected appointments to minister there...

2014 Moldova

We joined the 'Love Moldova' village outreach team with OM on August 3rd through to 18th. The trip was more than pleasantly hot at 53 degrees! we were delighted to see many children give their lives to Jesus, also we were privileged to visit local people in their homes and pray with them as well as minister practical help. Thank you to all those who supported us in prayer and gifts.

2013 France
[07.21.2013] we went France! this was a slightly different trip for Frontline, we have felt God call us to intercede for Lyons, France and backing a short term mission run by Operation Mobilisation there, to encourage those on the frontline of sex trafficking, giving hope to the young women caught up in prostitution.
Good news was no malaria tablets or long haul flights! better news was that we felt the the visit was a success. We have prayed for the city as God directed and felt a change in the spiritual atmosphere, especially claiming the land back from the influence of Roman gods, and historical martyrdom. 

2012 Mombasa

We joined Debbie Scott, Paul Robinson and team at in Utange, Kenya for a short term mission in July/August this year.
Although the outreach was greatly limited due to security in the area at the time we were able to encourage the local church and school. We did get to visit local people in villages nearby and share the gospel and pray for healing. We also visited another school in the area who provide an education for children and young people with disabilities.
We had great fun with the children at Casaurina House (please go on to the site of The Sure Foundation to lots more info regarding this lovely home for 24 children) we were also able to take them to the seaside for the day which everyone throughly enjoyed!! The Feed500 program which takes place every Saturday is impacting the community in a big way, as the children don't just get the one hot meal but are also able to take a big bag of cooking beans home to help feed the whole family for the week. These AIDS orphans are all changing into healthy looking little people after being on this feeding program for a year now.
We can only say a big thank you to Debbie and Paul for inviting us, and would ask you to keep them all in your prayers as the news of unrest  in Mombasa has not yet subsided.    

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